1. Introduction to National Traditions

Introduction to National Traditions

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During the "Exhibition" you will find:
• Archaeological and ethnographic artifacts
• Residence of local residents
• Cattle breeding site
•  Workshop of artisan potter
• Room of carpet weaving masters
• Artisan workshop, blacksmith shop
• The place of production of national bread products
• Place of making the samovar and cooking Azerbaijani tea

Introduction to national traditions
* Provided tourist buses will have a corresponding alphabetic numbering, according to the proposed 3 tourist routes i.e. "A B C". In each bus a certain tourist-excursion group is located, which operates a professional guide.
* At the beginning of the event, each bus arrives at appropriate point. Participants are sent to their chosen places with guides and instructors.

Also participants of the event will be able to attend the master classes:
* Pottery
* Carpet weaving
* Making national bread of Azerbaijan (for women)
* Making samovar and preparing Azerbaijani tea (for men)

Master Class lasts about 10-15 minutes for each specialty, after which participants can exchange some special artisans. The total duration of the master class is not more than 1 hour. After an hour, the group change directions.

Tour information
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Category: Special Offers
  • Price from: 40 $
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Route: Baku - White city - Zig - Gala

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