1. Horseback riding class in the "Elite Horse Club"

Horseback riding class in the "Elite Horse Club"

Program of the tour:

- Meeting with the driver, 

- Transfer to the Elite Horse Club, 

- Meeting the representative of the horse club, 

- Excursion to the stables, 

- Observing the most expensive Arabian, Karabakh horses.

- Meeting with the trainer,

- 1-hour horseback riding class. 

- Transfer back to Baku. 

There is one café on the territory of the club. The menu of the cafe has hot and cold drinks, salads, various desserts, fruits and ice cream. Moreover, the cafe includes a vitamin bar. In it, visitors are offered 100 varieties of non-alcoholic cocktails. Using the services of a cafe, customers can easily observe the ride of relatives on horseback, and also relax after training. There is an open and closed cafe on the territory of the restaurant. In the club there are two cafes, one restaurant "Chapar", one VIP-hall and a wine house.

There is also a specialized accessories store for riding.
In this store, customers can purchase all the necessary accessories for equestrian sport. If desired, you can place an additional order in the store. Orders are delivered to customers within a maximum of 30 days. In addition to accessories in the store, there are feedstuffs produced in a number of advanced European countries. In this store there are high-quality goods from Turkey, England, Germany, Italy, Belgium and other countries are presented.






Tour information
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Category: One day Tours
  • Price from: 50 USD
  • Duration: 1 hour class
  • Route: Baku-Elite Horse Club 


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