1. Excursion "Tower Temples - Castles of Absheron Peninsula", 5 hours

Excursion "Tower Temples - Castles of Absheron Peninsula", 5 hours

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In the Middle Ages throughout the Absheron peninsula, many towers, castles and other defensive structures were built, which had a very different, including a religious purpose. All of them have similar features and are built in local (Shirvan) architectural traditions.

Excursion includes:

- Inspection of the Round tower in height of 16 m in the village of Mardyakan. The tower has 3 storeys and is surrounded by stone walls with a height of 7 m. The building inscription, carved on a stone above the entrance to the tower, informs the date of its erection - 1232 and the name of the architect - Abdulmajid ibn Masud;

- Inspection of the Quadrilateral Tower in the center of Mardyakan village, next to the Tuba-Shahi Mosque (1482). It is erected in XIV in.  The 22 meter height of the dungeon provides excellent circular visibility on land and at sea. Tower - 5-tiered. The size of the courtyard enclosed by the 7-meter-high walls is 28 x 25 m. In the courtyard of the castle, more than 30 carved in limestone, jug-shaped storages and wells have been discovered.

- Acquaintance with the old oil fields and medieval (XIV centuries) castle near the village of Ramana.

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Tour information
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Category: One day Tours
  • Price from: 30 USD
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Route: 40 km from Baku to the North of the Peninsula

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