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The company «Visit Azerbaijan» invites you to Azerbaijan, the "Land of Fire", located on the west coast of the Caspian Sea, at the crossroads of two continents - Europe and Asia, in the heart of the trans Caucasian transport corridor, linking Europe with the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Azerbaijan has all the reason why people go on a journey - an ancient culture, numerous monuments of history and architecture, centuries-old customs and traditions, bright folk art, rich and diverse nature, unique cuisine, a true Asian hospitality.

One day Tours

Baku Sightseeing tour

Antiquity of the East and the modernity of Europe - all of this has been concentrated in our capital, and we invite you to see it with your own eyes!

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Journey to Zoroastrism, Burning Mountains & Absheron fortresses

The charm of the east along with the national color, together with historical monuments and ancient buildings will allow you to learn Baku completely from the other side!

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Excursion to Gobustan

The oldest rock paintings, the sites of ancient peoples, created in the Mesolithic and the ineffable atmosphere of ancient culture, included in the list of monuments of the World Cultural Heritage

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Full-day tour to Gabala
Visit Gabala with us, find out all the secrets of the ancient capital of Caucasian Albania, appreciate the stunning nature and spirit of the Caucasus, take part in excavations, climb the Mount Tufandag and much more....

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Tour to Shahdag
Take a ride with us to Shahdag, the largest ski resort in the Caucasus. But you can go to Shahdag not only in winter. In summer you can use the Spa and romantic packages for two lovers ....

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Excursion to the carpet museum
Carpet Museum+Seaside park (2 hours)

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Excursion "Tower Temples - Castles of Absheron Peninsula", 5 hours
Excursion "Tower Temples - Castles of Absheron Peninsula", 5 hours

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Horseback riding class in the "Elite Horse Club"
You will have an excursion to the stables of the most expensive and luxury horses. And then a professional trainer will teach you how to ride a horse
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Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, has been noted as one of the most interesting places for tourism. At our website, we have showcased information. Our website features important tips and suggestions to the passionate travelers, who are seeking quality as well as unique information on traveling Baku, Azerbaijan. This city is considered as the place where modernity and antiquity co-exists. Friendly people, wonder restaurants, pubs for hangout, natural splendor at the outskirt and many other things. Not just quality information, you can plan as well as book your Baku day tours through our website.

A day trip is all about fun and enjoyment. Typically, people seek something unique to experience on their day trips, when they are on vacation with family members. Now, different travelers have different kinds of areas of interest. Some travelers love exploring the serene as well as pristine nature. Some travelers have interest in arts, history and heritage. Some of the travelers want enjoyment with kids and other family members. Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan, is poised with everything to suffice the travelers. Find some of the best.

The Fire Temple

A drive of approximately 20 KM from Icheri Sheher will take you to the Atesgah Fire Temple, which is a unique shrine of ancient God. This is a common destination for those who are seeking Baku day tours. This beautiful temple exhibits uniqueness in its architectural pattern. According to the historians, this temple was built in the 17th century. Right after the temple, a large central flame along with four smaller flames in four corners. Along with its divine charm, its place.

Yanar Dag

When it comes to Baku day tours, one can not miss Yanar Dag which is nothing but a burning mountain. It is one of the most unique natural wonders of the world, and one should not miss the opportunity to visit this place when he or she is on vacation in Baku, Azerbaijan. Basically, the underground gas comes out the peaks of the mountains. The process happens continuously. As a result, mysterious environment or aura has been created at this place. If you are on tight schedule, you can include both Yanar Dag and the Fire Temple on your day trip.

Mud Volcanoes

The mud volcanoes can only be observed in only a few places of the world. A small drive from Baku will take you to the mud volcano site in Azerbaijan. It is yet another natural wonder that can be experienced by only those lucky people who can include their place in their Baku day tours schedule.

At our website, you can find many other day trip suggestions or ideas for Baku day tours. You can find hotels, preferred traveler operators and tour ideas on our web portal.

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