1. “Historical and ecological route "Baku-Sheki-Lahij"
There is no better way to see the nature, learn the ancient customs and get acquainted with the history of the nation, than to see it all with your own eyes. We have created a route, whereby you will see firsthand examples of the ancient masters of crafts, which are even now creating masterpieces in the village of Lahij; visit many different museums both in the capital and beyond it; contemplate picturesque corners of our planet, including forests, waterfalls, springs, valleys and lakes. You will visit the ancient temple of Zoroastrians, known far outside the country, visit the Palace of Sheki Khans, stained glass paintings of which are created without a single nail and glue. And this is just a small list of the most intense program that awaits you upon arrival to visit us.

“Historical and ecological route "Baku-Sheki-Lahij"

Program of the Tour:


Day 1 – Baku

• Meeting at the Airport of Baku.
• Transfer to the hotel
• Accommodation
• Free time.

14:00 – Lunch at a local restaurant.
15:00 – Visit the State Museum of History of Azerbaijan
16:00 – Walking tour, learning about the history and architecture of Baku in the era of First oil boom (end of XIX century - the beginning of XX cc):
• Nizami st.  
• Shopping
• Fountains  square
• Amonument to the poet Nizami Ganjavi, Rasul-Zadeh st.
• Visiting the Seaside Park
• Park Boulevard
• Cruise ship (0.5 hours at Baku bay at favorable windless weather, for an extra charge). 
• Moving to Upland Park
• Visiting the memorial "Alley of Martyrs”,
• Majestic Baku panorama from the highest point of the Upland Park

19:00 – Dinner at the city restaurant (A la carte). Return to the hotel for the overnight.


Day 2Baku - Absheron

09:00 – Breakfast at the hotel.

10:00 – Sightseeing "Icheri Shahar" ("Inner City") - the medieval part of the city of Baku, which is under the protection of UNESCO:

• Visit to the museum "Complex of Shirvanshahs' Palace" (XV c.),
• Ancient mosque Mohammad (XI c.),
• Ancient baths and residential buildings,
• "Market Square",
• Caravanserai "Bukhara" and "Multani" (medieval guest houses XIV- XVI centuries),
• The beautiful "Gyz Galasi" ("Maiden tower") - the oldest surviving building in Baku.

12:30 –

• Visitig the Museum "Villa Petrolia" (the place of residence and work of Ludwig and Robert Nobel in the XIX century). 
• Lunch (A la carte)
• Tour of "The Mystery of ancient fires" to the sights of Absheron peninsula:
• Zoroastrians’ Temple Atashgah in the village of Surakhany (XVII)
• Medieval castle (temple towers) in the village of Ramana (XIV c)
• See the oldest oil fields in the village of Balakhani (XIX-XX c)
• "Yanar Dag" ("The Burning Mountain")  
• Lake "Masazir" - to familiarize with the process of traditional old mining

17:00 –
• Return to the hotel
• Free time

19:00 –
• Dinner at local restaurant
• Overnight


Day 3 – Shemaha - Baku - Lahij

08:00 –
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Check out

9:00 – Follow the route Maraza - Shamakhi - Lahij (195 km)

• On the way stop to visit the mausoleum in the rock "Diri Baba (XV) in the village of Maraza
• Historical monuments of Shamahi ("Juma Mosque", X-XX cc)
• Complex of mausoleums "Yeddi Gumbez” ("Seven Domes", XVIII-XIX cc)

12:30 – Keep moving to the village of Lahij.  A stop on the way at Muganli Pass to enjoy the Greater Caucasus Mountains range panorama.

14:00 –
• Arrival in the mountain village of Lahij
• Accommodation in a guest houses

14: 30 –
• Lunch at a local café (a la Carte).
• Sightseeing walking tour of Historical attractions in Ethnographic Reserve "Lahij" (IV-XIX cc):

• Walking in ancient streets and monuments (mosques, baths, houses, building),
• visit the handicraft workshops (manufacturing of carpets and other wool, making tableware and jewelry items made of copper, silver and other precious metals)
• Learning about the processes of their production (workshop)
• See the examples of work of carpet weavers, blacksmiths, metal engravers, chasers, potters.

19: 00 – Dinner and overnight in a guest house

Day 4 – Lahij

08:00 – Breakfast.

09:00 – Continuation of exploring the nature reserve "Lahij":

• Visit to the Museum of History
• Optional visit to the old baths "Nurmamad Hamam'' and "Aragit Hamam (IV-XIX cc), where anyone can take medicinal baths for health and body
• Attending seminars (master class) of the manufacture of carpets
• Visit an old apartment building "Admiral", consisting of 72 rooms

13:00 –
• Lunch at a local restaurant with a tasting of regional dishes (a la carte)
• Visit Bathes "Achi Gahan Bakis Hamam"
• Mosques: "Bedoyun", "Zevero", "Agholy", Eregit (XVII-XIX)

13:00 – Lunch at a local restaurant. (A la carte)

14:00 – Walking tour to river Girdiman.

16:00 –
• Return to Lahij. 
• Tea ceremony in cafe. 
• Tasting the local confectionery products (tea, coffee and local cooking sweets).

18:00 –
• Dinner at a local restaurant
• Overnight

Day 5 – Lahij – Shaki

08:00 – Breakfast.

09:00 –
• Departure to the ancient city of Sheki (120 km)
• Visit the village Vandam, see the Nokhur lakes and waterfalls "Yeddi Gozel" ("The seven beauties") near Gabala

12:30 –
• Arrival in Sheki. 
• Accommodation at Shah Saray Hotel

13:00 – Lunch (tasting famous dishes of Sheki regional cuisine) A la carte

14:00 – Tour of Sheki:
• See the Karvansaray’s fortifications in the old town (XVII-XIX cc)
• Visiting to the "Khan Palace" museum (XVIII c) which are protected by UNESCO 
• Getting familiar with the National Museum of Applied Arts
• Visit the old round Christian church (IX-XVI cc)
• Getting familiar with the work of craftsmen masters of the production of stained-glass windows - glass windows "Shebaka".

17:30 –
• Transfer to the village of Kish (15 minutes).
• Visit in the most ancient Christian temple (I - IXV cc)

18:30 – The tea ceremony with tasting sweets and cakes confectioners in Sheki
19:30 – Return to Shaki.

20:00 –
• Dinner at local restaurant (A la carte)
• Overnight

Day 6 – Shaki - Baku through Shemakha

09:00 – Breakfast at the hotel

10:00 – Visit to the Oriental Bazaar in Sheki

12:00 –
• Check out 
• Panoramic view of the city from the mountains
• Free time.

13:00 – Lunch at a local restaurant

14:00 – Return to Baku through the city of Shemakha

19:00 –
• Arrival in Baku
• Hotel accommodation
• Dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Historical and ethnographic reserve Gala (Qala) - Mardakan - rest on the Coast (near Baku, 45 km.)

08:00 – Breakfast at the hotel

09:00 –
• A visit to the castle of the X-XIII centuries in Mardakan.
• A trip to the village of Gala to the ancient settlement located on the north-east of Absheron peninsula.
• Visiting the Historical Reserve "Gala" (which has 215 architectural and archaeological sites, dated from the 3rd millennium BC to the XX century, including new era preserving 5 mosques, 3 bathes, 4 fresh water storage (ovdan), a cemetery with ancient rock carvings and inscriptions, remains of towers and many other interesting sites).

14:00 – Move to Novkhany settlement to taste the local delicious food - "kutab" near the sea (A la carte)

15:00 - 19:00 – Free time on the Caspian sea

19:00 – Return to Baku

20:30 –
• Farewell dinner at a local restaurant with traditional cuisine and Azerbaijan musical entertainment (A la carte)
• Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8 – Baku. Departure

• Breakfast in the hotel.
• Free time.
• Check out until 12:00
• Transfer to the International Airport of Baku.
• Departure home.









Tour information
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Category: Historical Tours
  • Price from: 383 USD
  • Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Route: Baku - Absheron - Shemaha - Lahij - Sheki - Mardakan - Baku


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