1. “Azerbaijan - Land of Fire”
In this tour, you will experience the eight intense days of travel, including all of the key places of our country. And even though it’s only a small part of the ancient culture and immense wealth, you definitely will be able to feel the atmosphere of the country and penetrate into its worth and dignity. You will understand why Azerbaijan is called "The Land of Fire", when you visit Yanar Dag ("Burning Mountain") and visit the ancient Temple of Fire Worshippers "Ateshgah", when you see the evening Baku with its illuminations systems and, finally, when you see the people of our country, famous for their hospitality and ready to help you at any time. Then precisely it will be clear that Azerbaijan – is "The Land of Fire" not only because of its natural data, but because of spiritual fire inside its people.

“Azerbaijan - Land of Fire”

Program of the Tour:

Day 1Baku

• Meeting tourists at Heydar Aliyev International Airport.
• Transfer and accommodation at the hotel.
• Free time. 


14:00 – Lunch in the hotel restaurant (A la carte).

15:00 – Sightseeing in the center of Baku:
• Walking tour to learn about the history and architecture of the city (XIX-XX centuries)
• Nizami st.,
• "Fountain Square",
• A monument to the poet Nizami Ganjavi, Rasul-Zadeh st.,
• Visiting Seaside Park Boulevard (at favorable windless weather at extra cost - a cruise on a ship on Baku bay).
• Upland Park, visit memorial "Alley of Martyrs" and an overview of the panorama of Baku.
- Visiting the State Museum of Azerbaijan Carpet and Applied Art.

19:00 – Dinner at a local restaurant (A la carte)
Return to the hotel. Free time. Overnight.

Day 2Baku - Shamakhi

08:30 – Breakfast in the hotel and check out.
10:00 – Sightseeing of "Icheri Shaher" (Inner City) - the medieval part of the city of Baku, which is under the protection of UNESCO:

• Visit the museum "Complex of Shirvanshahs' Palace» (XV c.),
• Ancient mosque Mohammad (XI c.),
• Ancient baths and residential buildings,
• Caravanserai "Bukhara" and "Multani" (medieval guest houses of XIV- XVI centuries),
• Maiden Tower - the oldest surviving building in Baku.

12:30 –
• Visiting «Villa Petrolea» museum, the house of Ludwig and Robert Nobel (XIX century)
• Lunch (A la carte)

14:00 – Excursions to tourist attractions of Absheron peninsula:
• Temple of fire worshipers "Ateshgah" in the village of Surakhany (XVII century.)
• The medieval castle in the village of Romana (XIV),
• An overview of the oldest oil fields Balakhani (XIX-XX),
• Visiting nature reserves: "Yanar Dag” (”Burning mountain") - a place of natural gas output and lakes "Masazir”, where you will learn about the traditional process of extraction of ancient white salt on the lake. 

17:00 – Moving along the route of the Baku-Shamakhi (110 km)

19:00 –
• Arrival in Shamakhi. Short review of historical monuments:
• Mosque «Juma» (X-XXcc)
• The mausoleums of the complex "Yeddi Gumbez" (Seven Domes) (XVIII-XIX c.c.)

20:00 – Transfer to the recreation area "Sheradil" (20 km).

20:30 –
• Accommodation at recreation areas Sharadil 4*,
• Dinner in a restaurant (A la carte).
• Overnight.

Day 3 – Shemaha - Lahij - Sheki

08:00 – Breakfast in the hotel. Check out.

09:30 –
• Departure to the village of Lahij (70 km).
• A stop at Muganli pass.
• Overview of the Greater Caucasus (photo-stop) to see the mountain chain panorama.

11:30 –
• Arrival in the mountain village of Lahij.
• Panoramic tour of the sights of the historical-ethnographic reserve "Lahij” (IV-XIX),
• Visit to the local Museum of History,
• Examination of ancient streets and monuments (mosques, bath-houses, residential buildings),
• Visiting the workshops of handicrafts (manufacturing of carpets and other products made of wool, making dishes and ornaments made of copper, silver and other precious metals),
• Studying the processes of their production (workshop) on the example of carpet weavers, blacksmiths, engravers on metal chasers and potters.

13:30 – Lunch at local restaurant (A la carte)

14:30 –
• Continuation of the trip from Lahij to Sheki (170 km) through Ismailly and Vandam village.

• Review of ancient mausoleums (XV-XVI), a waterfall "Seven Beauties",
• Visit a mountain lake panorama Nohur,
• The medieval Christian church,
• The state of Caucasian Albania (VII-XIV century), Oguz.

17:30 –
• Arrival in Sheki
• Accommodation at the hotel
• Free time

19:00 –
• Overview of the city's fortifications and "Yuxari Karvansaray" old hotel.
• Dinner at a local restaurant. Introduction to local dishes of traditional cuisine.
• Overnight at Sheki Saray hotel 4*.

Day 4Sheki - Mingachevir

08:00 – Breakfast in the hotel.

09:00 – Excursion program in Sheki:
• Visit of the city’s "Eastern Market" – Panoramic view from the highest part of the city.
• Visit to the Museum of History (XVIII) .
• Visit to the Khan Palace complex in Shaki (protected by UNESCO)
• Review of the exhibition of the National Museum of Art in the old round Christian Temple (IX-XVI centuries)
• Getting familiar with the work of the craftsmen manufacturing stained-glass windows so-called "shebeke»

11:30 –
• Return to the hotel and check out.
• Transfer to Kish village (15 minutes)
• Going to church and ancient Christian basilica (I-IX cc)

13:00 – The tea ceremony in a local cafe

13:30 – Moving from Sheki to Mingachevir (90 km), located on the Kur River - the largest river in Caucasus                                                                                                                                                    

15:00 – Accommodation in the hotel ”Ag Saray Hotel" 4*
15:30 – Lunch at the hotel restaurant (A la carte)
16:30 – In the afternoon sightseeing tour:
• Kur river bank and the central part of the city
• Review of artificial lakes, reservoirs
• Visit the Mingechevir hydro power station

18:00 – Return to the hotel and having a boat trip

19:00 – Free time (optional, tourists will be given the opportunity to fish in the river pier on the hotel's territory)

20:00 –
• Dinner in the hotel restaurant (a rich selection of fish dishes will be offered on the menu).
• Free time to relax by the river and pool.
• Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5 – Mingachevir - Ganja

08:00 –
• Breakfast in the hotel.
• Travel from Mingechevir to Ganja (70 km)

10:30 – Arriving in the city of Ganja (the second largest city in Azerbaijan)

11:00 – Excursion program in Ganja:
• Visiting the historical and architectural complex in the city center "Shakh Abbasmaschidi"
• Mosque with two minarets (XVI-XVIII centuries),
• Mausoleum of the last ruler of Ganja - Javad Khan (XIX-XX centuries),
• Medieval baths «Chokek Hamam»
• Other historical and architectural structures;
• Walk through the city's central square «Sardar Park Baghi »,
• Visit of the Christian Orthodox Church "Alexander Nevsky” (XIX),
• Visit «Agvan Kilsasi»- Christian Temple (XVIII century)

13:00 –
• Transfer to Goygol (national park)
• Time to relax near the “Blue lake”

16:30 – Return to Mingechavir to the hotel


Day 6 – Mingechavir - Baku - Naftalan


08:30 –
• Breakfast in the hotel.
• Check out .

09:30 – Transfer from Mingechavir to the resort Naftalan.

11:00 –
• Arrival in the urban resort Naftalan
• getting familiar with the methods of treatment of  medical  "Naftalan" oil on the basis of sanatorium "Magic naphthalene”
• Having massage in the center (20 mins for each person)

15:00 – Lunch at a local restaurant (A la carte)

16:00 – Transfer from Naftalan to Baku (approximately 350 km.).

21:00 – Arrive in Baku. Hotel accommodation.

21:30 –
• Lunch in the hotel restaurant (A la carte)
• Overnight. 

Day 7: Baku - Gobustan - Baku

09:00 – Breakfast in the hotel.

10:00 – Departure to Gobustan (60 km).
• Visit the open-air museum,
• Getting familiar with the way of life of people of the Stone Age
• The petroglyphs, rock carvings made in the Neolithic period (from 6 to 12 thousands BC) within the modern museum.

• Then you go up the mountain to observe yourself the petroglyphs and caves in reality, feel the spirit of wildness, fighting for survival of the Mesolithic period

13:00 – On the way back to Baku, visit the Bibi Heybat Mosque, the sacred place for all Muslims, because under the mosque there is a burial place of ancestors of the prophet.

13:30 – Lunch in a Fish Restaurant (A la carte)

15:00 – Optional visit to the Center of Heydar Aliyev (extra fee)

17:00 – Return to the hotel

Day 8 – Baku. Departure

Breakfast in the hotel.
Free time.
Check out from the hotel before 12:00.
Airport transfer. 
Flight home.
Tour information
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Category: Historical Tours
  • Price from: 447 USD
  • Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Route: Baku - Shamakhi - Lahij - Sheki - Mingachevir - Ganja - Naftalan - Baku


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