1. Historical Tours

Historical Tours

"Follow the Great Silk Road!"

You will feel as a merchant who goes all the famous Silk Road, seeing the natural scenic beauty around and feeling the warm intimate atmosphere throughout the caravan road.

"Historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan" 6 days / 5 nights
This Tour will take you to a wonderful journey to the multicultural life of Azerbaijan: Post-Soviet Russian village of Molokans, ancient remains Of Caucasian Albania, a church of Udins (ancestors of ancient Albanians), the roots of Zoroastrism in Fire-Worshipers Temple and so much more…....
“Azerbaijan - Land of Fire”
The tour which will show you all heritage and values of our ancient and at the same time modern Motherland
"Baku - Shaki: Mystery of Ancient Fires"
You will learn a lot about the history of the fire in our "Land of Fires". And we are not meaning only physical fire, but also the inner fire, the warmth of the soul that you feel while learning the culture of Azerbaijan. So you will have no any doubt about name of this beautiful country! 
“Historical and ecological route "Baku-Sheki-Lahij"

This route and the tour program provides an opportunity for foreign tourists to get acquainted with the environment, nature and historical background, cultural traditions and living conditions of the various ethnic groups living in the territory of modern Azerbaijan.

"Golden Ring of Azerbaijan"
Delightful scenery, colorful kitchen, ancient history, numerous cultural monuments, the oil past and present, fast modern life and simple human warmth of the soul - we promise you that with all these components, you will fall in love with this rich country by multiple criterias!
Azerbaijan-Dagestan 9 Days/8 Nights
You are interested in the multifaceted Caucasus, trying the local cuisine? This tour is for you then...
Azerbaijan-Dagestan 8 Days/7 Nights
Tour to the Great Caucasus...
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