1. Jeep Tour (Nothern Azerbaijan) 5 Days

Jeep Tour (Nothern Azerbaijan) 5 Days




Breakfast at the hotel. Receiving 4x4 cars
Departure to Quba
Arrival to the Heydar Aliyev international Total duration- 10-12 Hours
Airport. Meeting with the guide. Transfer to Total onroad- 150 km
The city center. Short Auto Excursion on the bus. Check in and Overnight.
Total offroad- 100 km
Heights: 100-1800 meters above sea level

Departure from Baku, Drive 1,5 Hour until Beshbarmak Mountain. Observe Beshbarmak Sacred Mountain and visit Shiia holy site Xidirzinda. Observe the remains of the ancient fortifications of Beshbarmak. Departure Shabran Region visit the Chiraqqala Fortress located 1237 meters above sea level which was a part of a larger fortification system built in the 5th century, together with the cities of Derbend and Baku. Drive torwards Afurja visit the Nohurlar 7 lakes. And the abandoned medieval Nohurlar village. Later on cross the Tengalty canyon to Afurja. Visit the Afurja Waterfall. The highest in the Caucasus. Departure to Quba. The Town of Guba itself has a cosmopolitan image. The town is divided into two parts separated by the Gudyalchay river. One part-the Muslim quarter the other the so called “Red settlement” – The jewish quarter. On one had the tall picks of the minerates on another had the cupules of the synagogues. Overnight in Quba


Quba-Khinaliq-Qiriz Dehne- Sussay-Laza-Quba
After Breakfast Departure to Khinaliq Village. Drive through Qechresh and Mastdargah. Arrive to Khinaliq. Khinaliq is a remote mountain village located 2300 Meters above sea level. It is distinctive by its inhabitants that have different genealogy and language from other inhabitants of the region. Visit the local museum. Afterwards we will continue on a short treck of 5 km from Khinaliq to Qiriz Dehne village (optionally you can hire horses). We will visit the ruins of a Zoroastrian Fire temple of the 4th century. Afterwards we will mount again the vehicles and continue via the Villages of Sussay and Khuray to Shahdag resort area. There we will visit the Laza Waterfalls and continue back to Quba.


After Breakfast Departure to Shamakhi. Drive to Shabran and from Shabran to Xizi Region through offroads. On the way we will cross 3 rivers and enjoy the picturesque grand mountains of Khizi. Departure to the town of Shamakhi. Overnight in Shamakhi.



After Breakfast Departure to Qobustan Reserve Located on Hard offroad track Route through the desert: Shamakhi-Maraza-Cengi-Gobustan- Mud Volcano-Mud Volcanoes in Shongardah Mountain-Gazanag Mountain Area-Chapylmysh Saltmarsh-Shahgaya Rock Massif- the quarries of Shahgaya Settelment- The Ruins of the Qarachi Karvansaray (XVII century)- Ancient Sanctuary Sofi Hamid- Sangachal-Baku
In this route you will observe and learn about the unique geological formations of the Mud Volcanoes. Azerbaijan Contains more than 400 mud volcanoes. A mud volcano may be the result of a piercement structure created by a pressurized mud diaper that breaches the Earth's surface or ocean bottom. As a rule these geological formations are spread out in areas where there is a high amount of concentration of natural gas and oil deposits.
Another one huge open-air museum, in which you will get acquainted with places of ancient settlements of Azerbaijanis, learn about their way of life and simply enjoy the aesthetic beauty of a large number of casual, but nice "spread" of rocks. Talking about rocks, impossible not to mention ancient works of the Azerbaijanis - rock paintings that date back to the Mesolithic era and the Middle Ages.
This cultural landscape of rock paintings, incidentally, is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, there are more than one hundred thousand artefacts of primitive people, and a unique "gaval dashi" - the musical stone, where you can even play local motives.





Tour information
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Category: Adventure Tours
  • Price from: 590 USD
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Route: Baku-QALALTI-AFURJA- TENGEALTI-QUBA-Khinaliq-Qiriz Dehne- Sussay-Laza-Khizi-Shamakhi-Qobustan-BAKU


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