1. Moving from Laza to Khinalig
Indescribable scenery, clean air, gurgling springs and waterfalls – this is what exactly all the route of the tour will be filles with.
Excellent corners of our vast planet, along with the ancient cultures and villages of Laza and Khinalig - is an example of the perfect adventure tour for guests of our country.

Moving from Laza to Khinalig

Program of the Tour:

Day 1

Leaving Baku to Kusary (180 km). Further 40 km we drive to a highland village of Laza (1800 m). Walking around the village, active acclimatization. In Laza there are many beautiful waterfalls. Above the village there is Suvar (1900 m). You can stay in Suvar in tents or in houses of local residents

Day 2

In the morning start to hike, the path goes along the mountain paths to the north-eastern slopes of the canyon of Gyzylgai, go up the mountains (3200 m). The length of about 16 km. Overnight in tents near the water springs.

Day 3

Continuation of the transition to highlands slopes of the eastern side of the the array Gyzylgai to Khinalig. The maximum height of 3300 m move. The length of 17km. The descent through alpine meadows. Overnight in Khinalig (2100 m) in houses or tents.

Day 4

• Sightseeing in Khinalig
• Visiting local historical museum
• Gudyalchay canyon
• Return to Baku





Tour information
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Category: Adventure Tours
  • Price from: 0
  • Duration: 3 days 2 nights
  • Route: Baku - Laza - Gyzylgaya Mount - Khinalig - Baku


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