1. Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

Climbing the Babadag (3629 m)
The indescribable views along with the pure mountain air, unforgettable extreme and vivid memories - all of it will ignite in you a sense of the winner and will be with you until the next trip to the snow-covered mountains of the Greater Caucasus
Climbing the mountain Khinalig (3713 m)

Enjoy the fresh air of the Great Caucasus when you climb the Khinalig mountain. Get familiar with the traditions of descendants of ancient Albanians (locals).
Spend 3 days in silence, learn the nature and yourself, and have a GREAT time with us on the Khinalig Mountain...

Climbing to the volcanoes of Gobustan
You thought that Azerbaijan is only the Land of Fires and that's is all? Well, it's not all! It is also a country of mud volcanoes! Because the highest amount of them in the world is necessary in our country. And you will be convinced in this, climbing up to the crater of gurgling volcano and feel somewhere on the Moon or Venus!
Moving from Laza to Khinalig
The three-day trip to Azerbaijan's indescribable beauty will remain for a long time in your memory. You will experience the atmosphere of the mountains in front of you with a magnificient views, and at the same time become acquainted with one of the oldest cultures in the territory of Azerbaijan. Aesthetic pleasure and good mood for you is provided!
Pedestrian crossing from Lahij to Pirkuli
You will get acquainted with samples of work professions, going far into antiquity: carpet weavers, blacksmiths, metal engravers, chasers, potters. And also you will witness some of the most beautiful sceneries of nature.
Jeep Tour (Nothern Azerbaijan) 5 Days
Extreme trip to the Caucasus mountains with jeeps ...
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