1. "SEDEREK" (the Biggest Mall)

"SEDEREK" (the Biggest Mall)

The shopping center "Sederek" is located in the suburbs of Baku and is considered to be the largest shopping center in the South Caucasus. The trading complex includes more than 12,000 retail and wholesale facilities, the agricultural goods market, a one-story wholesale warehouse, various engineering structures.

Trade Center "SEDEREK" started its activity in 1995 near the village of Bina, then, in connection with the construction and improvement of the city, in April 2009 it moved to the village of Lokbatan. With the support of the management of the SEDEREK company, entrepreneurs were able to establish partnerships with a number of leading factories and plants in countries such as the USA, France, Italy, China, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Czech Republic, Poland, with which they cooperate to this day. Thanks to this cooperation, prices in the region dropped by 30% -40%, and the Trade Center achieved a high degree of quality of goods sold from many foreign countries. Today the Trade Center "SEDEREK" is the center of wholesale sales for entrepreneurs not only in Azerbaijan, but also for our neighbors of Georgia and the Republic of Dagestan located in the South Caucasus region. 

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