1. "Культура и кулинария Азербайджана"

"Культура и кулинария Азербайджана"

Day 1 – Baku

- Arrival in Baku
Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation.
Breakfast at the hotel, short rest
14:00 - Sightseeing tour of Baku with a visiting the monumental, historical and architectural monuments of the city: you will see the panorama of the city and the Baku Bay from the Highland Park, visit the medieval part of the city "Icheri Sheher" / "Inner City", the fortress walls, the main gate of the city "Gosha Gala gapi, "Shirvanshahs Palace, tower temple ”Maiden tower”, medieval baths, caravanserais, handicraft workshops, carpet and antique shops and other places.

17:00 You will enjoy  (1 hour) on a boat on the Baku bay (in favorable windless weather), as well as a walk through a Seaside Boulevard and the city center at at the Nizami street.
20:00 - Dinner at the  Restaurant Local, Main Course; Vegetable Dolma: eggplants, tomatoes and sweet pepper. The forcemeat of a lamb with plentiful addition of fragrant food grasses and spices used for stuffing.
Return to the hotel


  Day 2 - Gobustan

- Breakfast at the hotel

10:00 - Excursion to the National historical and artistic reserve "Gobustan".You will see the manifestation of mud volcanic activity on the mountain Dashgil, old oil fields in the area of "Bibi-Kheybat“ and etc.
15:00 - Lunch at the Fish Restaurant , Main course; Fish Lavanghi - the main highlight of this dish is the filling, which is made from walnuts, pomegranate, special sauce, onions, raisins and spices.
16:30 - Visit the State Museum of Azerbaijan Carpet and Applied Art.
18:00 - Back to the Hotel for free time
20:00 - Dinner at Local Restaurant, Main Course; Shah Pilaf with chestnuts and meat -Rice is prepared in a special way (boiled and brewed). Meat is cooked separately in salted water, which in the end sprinkled with fried onion oil, dried plum, and then roasted chestnuts. 
Return to the Hotel

Day 3 - Absheron

- Breakfast at the hotel
10:00 - Proceed to the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum.
12:00 - Excursions to tourist attractions of Absheron peninsula Temple of fire worshipers "Ateshgah" in the village of Surakhany (XVII century.)The medieval castle in the village of Romana (XIV
15:00 - Lunch at the Ateshgah Restaurant ,
Main Course; Lule Kabab - is one of shish kebab kinds, prepared from forcemeat of mutton filled with spices and put for 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator. Ready Lula-kebab is rolled in an unleavened wheat cake (lavash) with onions, greens.
16:30 - Master class for the group half in the second part of the program a master class in cooking gutabs - cakes made of thin dough with meat or vegetable fillings will be arranged.
18:00 - Visit to see Overview of the oldest oil fields Balakhani (XIX-XX),Visiting nature reserves: "Yanardag” ( ”Burning mountain")  a place of natural gas output. 
20:00 - Dinner in Azerbaijanis Family
 Return to the Hotel

Day 4 - Baku - Novkhani

- Breakfast at the Hotel
10:00 - Proceed to lakes "Masazir”, where you will learn about the traditional process of extraction of ancient white salt on the lake.
12:00 - Excursion to the Winery in  Novkhani village. During the visit, guests will be able to taste the different varieties of Azerbaijani wines and cheeses.
14:00 - Lunch at the Local Restaurant,
Main Course; Corat Gutabs . Corat is a small seaside town of Novkhani.
16:00 - Proceed to the Haydar Aliyev Center
20:00 - Dinner at the Local restaurant,
Main Course; Azeri Khingal or Dolma from grape leaves. Dolma is a dish with grape leaves filled with boiled mutton meat and rise. It is served with sour cream and crushed garlic.
 Return to the Hotel

Day 5 - Departure


- Breakfast at the hotel

- Check out and Transfer to the Airport

- The end of the trip


Информация о туре
  • Страна: Азербайджан
  • Категория: Кулинарные туры
  • Цена от: 435 USD
  • Период действия: 4 ночи / 5 дней
  • Маршрут: Баку-Новханы-Абшерон-Гобуста-Баку

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