Компания «Visit Azerbaijan» приглашает Вас в Азербайджан, «Страну Огней», расположенную на западном побережье Каспийского моря, на стыке двух континентов - Европы и Азии, в сердце транс-кавказского транспортного коридора, связывающего Европу со странами Кавказа и Центральной Азии.

В Азербайджане есть всё, ради чего люди отправляются в путешествие – древняя культура, многочисленные памятники истории и архитектуры, вековые обычаи и традиции, яркое народное искусство, богатая и разнообразная природа, уникальная кухня, истинно восточное гостеприимство.

Виды туров по азербайджану

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Usually people want to spend time on holiday so that they will be recharged for a long time with energy, which they would have enough for a few working weeks ahead. We, as the company "Visit Azerbaijan", offer to all those who want to reboot at the end of the working week, weekend tours in Baku. The capital of Azerbaijan - the city of Baku - will please you both with its warm atmosphere, and will surprise with its modern development. Here you will find both ancient buildings, a fortified wall, ancient mosques and monuments with an ancient history, and modern skyscrapers that captivate with their majesty and enchant with their charm. 

Quickly come to us, at least at the end of a busy work week, and get the energy of a cozy city, joyfully welcoming its guests! Of course, by the end of the week there are two types of mood - it's either a mood just to sleep off on the weekend and that no one has touched, or the second one is a suitcase when you want to immerse yourself in a completely new atmosphere, thereby replenishing your life energy reserves. No matter what type you are, we are ready to help you in both cases. Arriving in Baku, you can spend most of the day in a hotel with a beautiful view of the Caspian Sea, and then in the evening, when the beckoning lights of Baku will light up - go out for an evening tour of the capital. And also walk along the Seaside Park (local call it simply "Boulevard"); to ride a yacht across the Caspian Sea, seeing all the beauty of the city from the sea; Walk along the busy central streets, including the Fountain Square; listen to guitarists singing in restaurants; and simply enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the city and, if there is a desire, to participate in show programs or simply dance in nightclubs and discos in Baku.

Various tours of the day off in Baku suggest a more active pastime in the capital. We have the largest number of tours in their varieties, and everyone can choose a tour to your taste! These are excursions to the most popular and also the most secluded places of the city, and entertaining quests and master classes in various directions (incendiary national dances, delicious cuisine, ancient applied arts - carpet weaving, jewelry master classes, etc.), and team building , and picnics, and adventure competitions and many, many interesting things!

Thus, the company "Visit Azerbaijan" is ready to fully support the quality of the guests of our country, having all the necessary resources for this. You can be sure that you will be met on time at the Airport, will be escorted to the hotel and will help with accommodation, and throughout the tour will provide the maximum assistance in all necessary. And the program of the tour will remain in your memory for a long time! Of course, because it will include everything that is so necessary for every tourist, but not every market can offer it.

And Azerbaijan, despite its small market, includes a whole abundance of natural, cultural, historical wealth and not only. The tours include both visiting the most popular cultural places, as well as the most secret corners of our country. "Visit Azerbaijan" company has created for the guests of the country the most interesting routes that will take you to all important places of Azerbaijan. 

But in addition to just getting acquainted with the sights and their history, in the tourist program we can include in the program interesting activities - these are master classes, team building, various shows and much more to your taste. 

A tour to Azerbaijan will open you a lot of interesting things in various spheres of life, whether it be knowledge of cultural and historical values, as well as natural resources. You will see wonderful waterfalls, green glades, majestic structures, open-air museums, baroque buildings, antique caravan-sheds, khan palaces, tower fortresses, burning mountain and much more!

In one Baku tours are about 30 variants that cover all the popular sights of the capital, including the Maiden Tower, the Temple of the Firemen "Ateshgah", Yanar Dag ("Burning Mountain"), Icheri-Shekher ("Inner City"), Baku Boulevard , Nagorny Park with its stunning views of the capital and many other places.

In addition, Visit Azerbaijan boldly offers more active, even extreme rest. It includes the conquest of the Caucasus mountains, shish kebabs at the stake and overnight in tents, with further meeting of the dawn, with picturesque natural panoramas.

Our company made sure that the cost of each tour was acceptable. This serves one purpose - that an increasing number of people come to the country without worrying about the price and recognize the "Land of Lights" from all the bright sides.
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