1. Отели
Мы работаем только с мировыми брендами гостиничной индустрии


We maintain close partner and even friendly relations with the hotels of Azerbaijan and the capital of Baku, which allows us to offer the guests of the country 3, 4 and 5 stars hotels, location, design, and most importantly - whose service is known far beyond the borders of the country.

Spacious hotel rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a quality stay with magnificent panoramas of the sea and natural landscapes, will help the guests of the country to forget themselves and fully enjoy their rest!
5 - звездочные отели
Средняя цена: 177 $
4 - звездочные отели
Средняя цена: 65 $
3 - звездочные отели
Средняя цена: 44 $
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One of the main pledges of quality and the first thing that the guests see in the hotel. A hotel that pleases the eye with its design aesthetics, helpful service, and, of course, the presence of all conditions for recreation. The level of the above indicates the number of stars assigned to the hotel.

In Azerbaijan, the number of stars in hotels starts from three. That is, there are no one-and-two-star hotels, but there are a number of hotels with higher rates. The five-star hotels. Naturally, the price of their numbers is higher, but this is reflected in the level of services provided.

First of all, this is the so-called number fund or the number of rooms, their area and varieties.Also it is the condition of the furniture and rooms, the exterior of the building with its infrastructure, the availability of restaurants and the quality of service in them, information support and technical equipment (that is - telephone communication, mini-bars, mini- safes, refrigerators, wireless Internet and etc.). All of these, with and without stars, at 5 stars, at a high level, showing the proper level of service, pleasing their guests. 

It is especially worth noting that the location in Baku. In addition to the fact that you can easily and quickly reach them, you can also admire them, walking along the evening. Baku and admiring the harmony of the orchestra of architectural buildings with highlights.
In general, the hotels of Azerbaijan, like the world leaders of the hotel industry, offer a full package for the convenience of the guests. This is a safe, and ironing board, and iron, and even built-in mirror TVs, and much more. Such things as an iron, a board and other accessories may seem trivial. But believe our experience - little things are always very important. And the hotels know this. Therefore, you will not see there deficiency in soap or toothpaste. So, you can find the best hotels in the world. 

Hotels in Baku are different in that they have such a wonderful privilege, like a view of the Caspian Sea!It's just wonderful - to wake up in the morning, go to the window and enjoy the waking sea.

After citation several examples, one can say that, for example, stopping at The Four Seasons Hotel Baku, as soon as you leave the hotel, bypassing it, you immediately get to the heart of Baku - Icheri Sheher. Seaside Park - Boulevard. Stay at the Hilton Hotel Baku, you will be across the road from the Baku. The same way, the same story with JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel, which is on the same side. You stop at the Fairmont Baku Hotel in the majestic Flame Towers, crossing the road, you get to Nagorny Park with a beautiful panorama to the whole of Baku. And other hotels. Each has its own flavor, everyone can show their uniqueness.There are also many hotels in Ichari-Shekher, so you can wake up right in the center of the Old Town with its cozy paved streets.

In any case, come and settle in one of the hotels you like, and our company. For the price and the cost of living, we will pick up the best options for you, so you will not have to worry about anything. The only thing you should do is enjoy your stay in one of the oldest countries of the world - Azerbaijan, ready for you at any time of the year!

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