1. Торгово-развлекательные центры

Торгово-развлекательные центры

"Park Bulvar"

"Park Boulevard" is located in the center of Baku, on the Boulevard - a favorite place of walks of Bakuvians and guests. Boulevard stretches along the town center, providing an excellent opportunity to the residents to have a pleasant and safe walk to the shopping center from anywhere in the city. With such an ideal location, "Park Boulevard" is considered to be uncontested center for shopping and leisure activities for residents of Baku and its guests. The architectural style of the building combines modern and Oriental tradition, and blends harmoniously with the dynamic Oilers Avenue and spacious Boulevard, taking into account the functional and cultural nuances. The shopping center is the most attractive place in Baku for shopping and offers 17,000 square meters of selling area and anchor tenants such as a supermarket, a planetarium, a 6-screen multiplex, play area, food court, as well as parking for 550 places. Potential buyers will have an opportunity not only to make purchases in stores of famous brands represented in the shopping gallery, but also a "plunge" into the atmosphere, where entertainment, music, movies and restaurants are also significant, as well as fashion.

"28 Mall"

Shopping ... The word, caressing the ear and soul. Fascinating process. Best relaxation. It is enough to visit the shopping center "28 Mall", to see this yourself. In addition to the famous boutiques, which are located in the center, you can also go to restaurants and cafes, spend time with friends watching popular movies or just a pleasant stroll.



"PORT BAKU MALL", covers an area of 32,000 square meters, and provides the city's largest shopping center to date. Meeting the highest international standards, the shopping mall "PORT BAKU" represents luxury brands.

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