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Art-house elements of interior, together with full sound equipment and a huge area create a cozy atmosphere for Electra Events Hall, working as a prestigious restaurant and lounge on weekdays and as a premium class club on weekends. Being located near the sea, Electra Hall conducts large events and incendiary festivals, satisfying the taste of any party-goer and lover of discos.


This is a favorite place for everyone who prefers to spend their time under the rhythmic tracks of famous Baku DJs and proves the formation and development of the club culture of modern Baku.


The night bar, lounge and restaurant located on Boulevard and having a terrace with a breathtaking panorama of the Caspian Sea, is equipped with everything necessary for both club parties and for other kinds of events. The interior design developed by the London experts creates a special harmony, allowing you not only to enjoy the music of the famous DJs in Baku, but also to get aesthetic pleasure from the elegant design.

Local and foreign culinary craftsmen are ready to create any masterpiece of the most exquisite cuisines in order to make your presence in Pasifico even more vivid and memorable.


Having a very convenient location in the center of Baku and a terrace with a direct view of the sea, Pasifico is just a find for fans of disco parties and a pleasant visual atmosphere.
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