1. "Sherlock"s beach"

"Sherlock"s beach"

A rich infrastructure has a restaurant and hotel complex Sherlock's beach, which is located in the village of Zagulba. It includes: cottages, swimming pools, bars. Also the area includes a patio area, a sofa, restaurant pavilions.

On the beach complex there are gazebos that are located on the sea rocks. There are verandas and a small overpass in this place. These zones are harmoniously placed on the territory of the complex.

Complementing each other, they thereby provide vacationers with a large choice of places to rest.

City / Region / Area: Baku
Address: Zagulba
Telephone: (+994 50) 552-59-59, (+994 12) 453-59-59
Features: beach, stove, gazebo, drinks
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