1. "Miami beach Novkhani"

"Miami beach Novkhani"

"Miami beach Novkhani" beach resort is located in the village of Novkhani, where the best beaches of Baku are located. Miami beach is not only a beach but a rest area, an entertainment center, both for adults and for children.

On the territory of Miami Beach Novkhany there are swimming pools, for adults and for kids, fun pools, children's amusement park, surfing pools and much more. In addition, cottages are provided for recreation with the family. There are also zones for concerts which are held with foreign and local singers invited.

This is a great place, you can walk along the shore inhaling clean sea air.

In Miami beach there are several restaurants and cafes around the coast, where you can try different dishes of local and foreign cuisine. 

City / Region / Area: Baku
Address: Novkhany
Phone: +994 51 841 11 14
Mail: shahmammedoff@miamibeach.az
Features: beach, gazebo, cottages, restaurant, swimming pool, attraction, concerts, music
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