1. "Aqua Park Shikhov"

"Aqua Park Shikhov"

On Shikhovo there is located one of the most popular beach complexes of the city, which is called "Aqua Park Shihov".

A good degree of equipment is the main thing that makes this beach differ from most others. Canopies and showers are located on its large territory. In addition, there are attractions, bars. And besides them there are water slides, trampolines, 3 large swimming pools and 1 children pool are also part of this complex.

Let's note one more thing: this beach is one of the cleanest on this coast. Tables under colorful canopies are available here for guests. In addition, there are sunbeds around the pool.

The cost of the entrance to this beach is 10 AZN. This price includes all services that are provided in this complex.

This beach is located next to the beach restaurant 1001 Gece
City / Region / Area: Baku, Shikhovo
Address: Baku, Shikhovo
Phone: (+994 12) 581-30-30
Features: beach, stove, gazebo, drinks
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