1. Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort

Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort

For centuries, the north-eastern part of Azerbaijan was the gateway between Europe and the Middle East. Here, in the shadow of the great Caucasian mountains, there is unknown beauty is hidden. Ancient glaciers, deep gorges, amazing mountain lakes and canyons, rich in its diversity of flora and fauna ... This is Shahdag in all its glory!

-20 degrees in winter are replaced by warm summer evenings under +20, which provides a climate favorable for recreation and sports all year round.

This is an ideal place for a ski resort, which is at the same time is a National Park.

Stunningly beautiful, like a paradise, timeless, Shahdag, will give you an unforgettable experience.


Shahdag is one of the peaks of the Greater Caucasus Range, located in the Gusar area, near the border with Russia.

The height of Shahdag mountain is 4.243 meters above the sea level. The summit was first conquered by Russian mountaineer and topographer Andrey Pastukhov in 1892.

At the foot of the mountains were found caves, indicating the existence of people living here 9000 years ago.
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