At a height of over 1,000 meters above sea level, on the left bank of the mountain Girdimanchay River, there is a small but very picturesque village, which is a cultural and historical reserve, included in one of the most popular tourist routes - "Great Silk Road".

Visiting Lahij, driving the steep road with beautiful views, you will be touched with cozy cobblestone streets, separating quarterly buildings - a unique monument of medieval architecture. All the buildings are made of stone, with wood battens arrangement. By the way, an interesting fact is that the city sewage system works to the present day, even though it was laid already 1,000 years ago!

Coming here, you will find yourself as in the Middle Ages. All around you will see a huge number of workrooms: graver art craftsmen, blacksmiths, copper masters and many others. Therefore, a huge number of artists has left the mark everywhere in the beautiful Lahij – whole around are ornaments and fancy combinations of colors patterns, reflected in many of the interiors of the village.

Lahij known is known in all the Caucasus and beyond as a craft and trade center, and its countless craftsmen keep the secrets of creating works with the most ancient times. Visit Lahij, and you will be conquered by both its the nature of the place and the cozy warmth of the Azerbaijan’s pearl, storing wonderful traditions of folk crafts!
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