1. Icheri-Sheher


The true heart of Baku, from which originated the entire capital in the Caspian Sea`s embrace. This is - walled from ancient times oldest residential area of the capital of Azerbaijan. There are a large number of sights of Baku, and 17 years ago, Icheri Sheher (or "Inner City") is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. Walking through its streets, you will feel the unforgettable charm of the capital and see its ancient image, which remains in its original form, despite the huge transformation of Baku the external appearance.

There are so many attractions! There are palaces and mosques, and the famous "Maiden Tower", as well as many other buildings in the classical architectural style. Icheri Sheher will enchant you with its mystery, and at the same time welcoming atmosphere, and you will feel the taste of the ancient East, which is mixed in Azerbaijani way with the warmth of the human soul.
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