1. Ateshgah Fire Temple

Ateshgah Fire Temple

World famous temple of Zoroastrians, has always been a popular place of pilgrimage of zoroastrians from around the world. Built in the XVII-XVIII centuries, the modern form of the house is a chapel, a caravanserai, cells for the clergy, which gave to local inextinguishable fire mystical significance.
And inextinguishable it was because of its natural properties, and the reason is that natural gas here comes very close to the earth's surface. History of the Temple goes back to centuries BC, but then the Temple was destroyed after the adoption of Islam, and many Zoroastrians left to India. After then, once in the XV-XVIII centuries again, having got on these lands, already from the trade caravans, Indian merchants beganto build buildings that have retained their original appearance to this day.
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