Juma Mosque

The main mosque of the Inner City "Icheri Sheher", on the site of which was located temple of Zoroastrians a millennium ago, and in the XIV century Juma Mosque was built on its place. In general, many monuments of Baku were built on the ruins of ancient buildings that were related to the pagan past of the country.

On the stone wall at the bottom of the minaret there is an inscription that says about the different types of taxes, which were levied residents of the city. This Persian inscription conveys the content of the label of Uldzheytu Sultan Muhammad, and probably relates to 1309, when the Sultan arrived in Baku. It consists of four lines and demonstrates that Baku (in the text "Bakuye"), form part of possessions of Ilkhanids States, was freed from a number of taxes, including taxes on oil
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