1. The Maiden Tower

The Maiden Tower

It's a real flagship of the Baku city. The well-known far beyond the borders of Azerbaijan, Tower has no analogues in the East and thus has its own inscrutability and mystery. The mystery is especially due to the fact that it is unclear the specific use and purpose of the Tower building. Having a cylindrical shape and is being built on a ledge of rock, inside her 8 storeys or floors.
There is also a deep well inside the Tower, which had a clean fresh water, and rising to the top of the Tower, is revealing a marvelous view of Baku Bay and the entire Inner City "Icheri Sheher".

What was the Tower in the ancient times, it is not clear till present day. There are three versions put forward: a temple, observatory and defensive structures. Each version finds its supporters, but Baku people just love it for what it is - with its majesty and charm.
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